To be the most preferred financial institution worldwide by understanding and fulfilling dreams of every consumer.

We aspire to be admired for high level of customer service and respected for our ethics, values and corporate governance.

We respect the fact that our investors have entrusted us with their capital, our customers with their confidence and our employees with their aspirations and hence we endeavour to create strong, consistent stakeholders value and live up to the trust & confidence reposed in us.

We aim to create and develop strong relationships with our customers, distribution networks and agents as well as offer valuable career opportunities for our employees who are central to the success of our business.

We endeavour to establish, maintain, and promote high standards of business practice in all our dealings with customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders. This means acting with responsibility and integrity; complying with applicable laws and regulations; applying internationally accepted standards of responsible business conduct to our operations; and respecting the traditions and cultures of the communities and countries in which we operate.

In order to achieve this vision, our business conduct is based on some values which are:
  • Worldclass Risk Management
  • Aglow Fintrade employs a world-class risk management system and operates a fully-automated underwriting system with a highly effective anti-fraud tool that is backed by our strong IT systems. Effective risk management combined with our unique ability to optimise risk on a large scale enable Aglow Fintrade to stand out from industry peers.

  • Centralised IT Platform
  • Aglow Fintrade has developed a fully centralised, efficient IT platform, representing a key competitive advantage for our business. Offering scalability and flexibility, the centralised IT platform is uniquely tailored to mass market operations in different emerging markets. The centralisation of certain key business functions, e.g. risk management, finance, and IT, helps to increase the efficiency of our operations, and facilitates the sharing of best practice knowledge and expertise.

  • Competent Management
  • Everywhere we operate, we aim to develop and encourage the values and principles that are the foundation of our business success: innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, financial discipline, and a global perspective.