• Why should I avail a loan from Aglow Fintrade Private Limited ?
  • What differentiates Aglow Fintrade Private Limited from others, are our guiding principles. These practical and holistic guidelines drive our company.
    We are:
    - Flexible in products, documentation, and collections - as per requirements of our customers.
    - Fast in taking decisions – Our loan products take minimum processing and disbursement time.
    - Friendly in conduct – Our personalised relationship managers help the customer in choosing the right product.
    - Fair in dealing with all the customers - Complete transparency in charges and processing. Simply Contact Us    and give us your requirement details and we will take care of the rest.

  • How do I approach Aglow Fintrade Private Limited ?
  • A- Visit the nearest Store Partner.
    B- Apply for loan online.
    C- Call our Toll Free Number - 1800 532 4400 or at 011-28742203-04 for telephonic support.
    D- Through Email:- wecare@aglowfin.com

  • What is the documentation required ?
  • You need to provide a valid income document, photo identity proof, residence proof and PDC’s/ECS. Depending on the credit program you opt for, you will be required to give some minimal additional document(s). For more details, please check out the document column within the ‘Eligibility’ Section.

  • What are the eligibility criteria for availing a loan from Aglow Fintrade ?
  • While the documents required for availing a loan differ as per the product selected, we are flexible about the same and on case-to-case basis we can agree to relent some of those. However, the basic documents as per RBI guidelines are required.

  • How much loan I can get ?
  • Loan eligibility is based on the assessment of your documents and personal discussions. The amount varies as per the product selected.

  • What are the loan tenure options ?
  • Depending upon the product selected and the client’s profile, we offer loans with tenures ranging from 6 month to 5 years.

  • What is the interest and processing fees charged for the loan ?
  • We offer Durable finance under which there is absolutely no interest charged. These offers are available on a range of products. For products that are not covered under durable finance, you will be charged nominal interest as per the prevailing company interest rate and policy. A nominal processing fee is charged depending on the special offers running at the time.

  • Are there any charges for foreclosing the loan ?
  • There are absolutely no charges or penalty for foreclosing your loan. For closer charges levied as per the term of sanction of the loan

  • How do I get loan related documents such as NOC, Statement of Accounts and other related documents ?
  • Just call our toll free number 1800 532 4400 or mail to support@algowfin.com

  • Can I contact your franchisee or DSA for processing of a loan ?
  • No. Aglow Fintrade does not employ any third parties or individual Direct Selling Agents. If you wish to avail a loan, please Contact Us and we will process your request through our own offices.

  • Loan terms and conditions ?
  • To read terms and conditions, please click here